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This article is respectively submitted as a response to assignment number three. In order to present our collective vision of what "technology will look like in the classroom ten years from now," we elected to role play a particular scenario. Four team members created a character and one member conducted interviews. Together the interviews were paired with acutal 2002 predictions, by a random group of people, of what might be in store for the educational classroom in the year 2012. We hope you find our report as interesting as we do!


Global Transport Takes Off!

Ten years ago, this reporter attended one of the nation's leading educational technology conferences: NECC, the National Educational Computing Conference. As a matter of fact, it still is! While there, I had the opportunity to talk with several participants about technology in the classroom and where they saw it heading. Many were happy to share their predictions with me. When asked to write a column on this year's prominent educational projects, namely Global Transport, I couldn't help but search through the archives and find the old DV tapes. I dusted off the camera and hoped that it still worked. What I really found amazing was that the predictions of the people I talked to ten years ago were so accurate. Their visions of what would come has certainly come to be.

In fact, I've included their predictions throughout the article for your viewing enjoyment. As you read through the interviews with the various team members (just click the links above, and to return simply click the logo) the prediction made about the very elements of technology the team members use is placed strategically.

Global Transport is an educational research project and conducted by a team of multi-age, multi-geographically located group of students. This is nothing out of the ordinary in today's education world, but again, the work of this particular team reflects the predictions of so many years ago perfectly. So much so, that I found it necessary to reference.

Below, as usual, you will find my research notes and scribble. Process is everything, eh? You can view more brainstorming here.

June 20, 2012
Continuing research and matching prediction pieces with my current interviews of the four students working on the Global Transport project. I'm finding some incredible matches and what's more fascinating is that my interviewees have never seen or heard the prediction pieces from so many years ago. And yet, they are predictions proven.
Matches for the magazine page:
Derrel (personal omnipurpose handhelds) = Dan, Bill
Donny (screens everywhere and in home, voice activation) = Linda, Nick
Barb (virtual reality glasses) = Frank
Teresa (real issues) =
Reporting focus...
Donny: big screen (school and home), voice transcription,
Barb: glasses with projection,
Derrel: keicon (phone/computer, omnipurpose pda,)
Teresa: fewer days at school, real issues, guidance counselors

More Prediction Clips...

Sara Bass, Apple

Nick and Drew, Students

Martha Raleigh, Palm



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