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Below is the outline of the workshop I gave at the National Education Computing Conferent (NECC) in Seattle in early July of 2003.You may view the presentation from the workshop, go to the site we developed, or check out more FrontPage resources in this web, starting with a FrontPage FAQ. If you have suggestions about what you would like to see, please use the contact form to contact me.

Managing Multiauthor Web sites with FrontPage®: Hands-on Uh-oh’s.

You’ve done a Web but now you are overseeing collaborative student projects or multiple teachers publishing to the server. Make life easier—take this workshop.

Overview and Objectives:

This workshop is for teachers who wish to have their students create projects together and Web masters who have multiple authors working in the same Web site. Web masters who are not professional Web developers will find this particularly useful in helping them figure out how to develop and maintain a site. Participants will learn: (1) Basic Web management in a multiauthor environment that eases maintenance in the future and maintains file integrity; (2) Backup techniques that don’t require expensive hardware and (3) how to use these techniques with a Web Presence Provider or a school-sponsored site. As we will create a multi-author Web site together, we will learn how to handle the “Uh-Oh’s” as they occur and see how good Web management technique can minimize problems.


All work will start with users logging in and creating a Web on a FrontPage extended server. A backup server will be available in case the primary server is down, but Internet access is necessary for the workshop. Participants will create each step in coordination with each other. Problems will occur which will give the participants hands-on experience in the identifying and solving them.

Main Topics:

  1. Basic FrontPage refreshers—open a Web on a server, locate helpful keys.
  2. Assigning permissions, including advanced permission control by FrontPage 2002—demonstration
  3. Planning a Web, including why you need someone in charge.
  4. Using the navigation structure to lay out the Web and create initial pages.
  5. Using shared borders to give a uniform appearance and navigation to the Web.
  6. Creating a navigation structure in shared borders using include pages.
  7. Including content from several authors on one page using FrontPage include components.
  8. Using include components to reduce the risk of editing on the server live.
  9. Using FrontPage check in/check out for revision control—pros and cons.
  10. Using other revision control techniques to maintain a history of the Web, make it less risky to edit live, yet keeping old pages from showing up in the search engine.
  11. Pinpointing problems using reports.
  12. Backing up without having expensive hardware.


This workshop will address NETS-T I, Technology operations and concepts and is applicable for NETS-T II, Planning and designing learning environments and experiences.

Presenter Background and Qualifications

Derrel Fincher spent fifteen years in engineering and project management prior to becoming a teacher in 1997. He has a B.S. and M.S in Mechanical Engineering, certification in elementary education and K-12 mathematics, and recently received an M.A. in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University. He teaches mathematics and technology courses at the Middle School of the American School in Japan and oversees the Middle School Web site. Not only does he manage the Middle School site, where all teachers publish directly to the server, he has his Multimedia Skills students work in a multiauthor environment. In a cross-grade collaboration with his 6th grade math class and a 4th grade class, he managed forty students authoring in the same site simultaneously. He also has experience with things going horribly wrong when forty-five adults tried to plan a Web site. His background in engineering, where revision control and project management is critical, guides his decisions on Web development. His personal Web site is

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