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Exploring Programming | Academics | Middle School | The American School in Japan

This course and Multimedia Skills were superseded by a new course, Explorations, begun in the 2003-2004 School Year.


Exploring Programming is a one semester course offered at the Middle School of the American School in Japan. Students will begin with a very basic introduction to two versions of Logo, Squeak, and Microsoft Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications and then propose and plan projects in one of the languages.

The primary goal is to explore programming. Students are expected to pursue topics that interest them and show substantial progress toward their goal. Students will complete self-assessments in which they propose their grade for the course and support it with evidence of their progress and work. It's not what you know at the end of the course that counts; it's how much you've learned.

Even with computers, you have to plan your projects with somebody!

Tri-Class Reflection Dates:

Tri-Class Reflections are due at the beginning of the class following the dates given in the Spring 2003 assignments.

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